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Military Throw Blankets

red devils military throw blanket 1st air cavalry brigade military throw blanket vietnam war military throw blanket air force military throw blanket 33d fighter wing military throw blanket fighter wing military throw blanket gunslingers military throw blanket jsf custom military throw blanket elsworth afb military throw blanket thunder pride military throw blanket task force phantom military throw blanket

Every branch of the military can use custom woven throw blankets as a great fundraising product.  They are always in need of extra funds to help out with items such as gifts for the new moms, money needed for the widows and widowers of the fallen solders, and for putting on special events such as a military ball, or for the needy military families who are having a difficult time making ends meet.

 Signature Creations, Inc. is here to assist our military groups with this entire process of creating their very own custom throw blankets.  We will make this entire process both easy and affordable.  Another huge plus is that our beautiful blankets are custom made right here in the USA!  What better way to show your pride in your military unit then by having your own military group's insignia custom woven into a beautiful blanket!     

Check out some of the designs below

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